Luca has nine years of experience as a nutrition coach and five years as personal trainer.

“I believe everyone deserves to have an enjoyable journey when it comes of fat loss, muscle gain or body recomposition. Definitive results come to the ones who are willing to slowly build healthier habits.”

Luca keeps his clients away from hours of excruciating cardio, drastic diets, fasting, detoxes, fads in general, including unhealthy relationships with the scales! If having a trainer at the gym is not your thing but you feel like you need a personalised program to follow, you can also contact Luca to find out more about online coaching and to test out his mobile App.

Luca has helped:

7 clients off blood pressure lowering medications in within a year of starting PT
2 clients transform from obese to full marathon finisher within 18 months
2 cancelling their scheduled bariatric surgery …
and has assisted hundreds of kilos of fat evaporate into the atmosphere


Losing 24kg and reversing his diagnosis of type II Diabetes at age 29


Certificates III and IV in Fitness
Diploma of Fitness – Specialised trainer
Punchfit® Boxing certificate
Bachelor of Nutrition Science
Precision Nutrition Certification