Born in Prague in the Czech Republic, Drae attended a special sports school and was active throughout his childhood. When he moved to Adelaide, South Australia, Drae found his passion for fitness. During his many years of training, Drae has personally experienced many different types of training styles. He has now set his sights to master the art of calisthenics. Calisthenics is the art of using your bodyweight as resistance in order to naturally develop your physique and be in control of your own body.

Drae’s fitness belief: Fitness does not come from only one type of training. Variety is the key to life and is also the key to perfect fitness. The mixture of bodyweight training, weight training, cardiovascular training and functional training is necessary to reach the pinnacle of your fitness level.


Certificates III and IV in Fitness
Advanced TRX / suspension training
Advanced core conditioning and stability
Functional training/strength and conditioning


Australian Ninja Warrior Course Tester
Australian Ninja League competitor
Helped client lose 35% body fat