Improve your flexibility and work on your core strength while building your key muscles areas – obliques, abs, lower back, butt and thighs. A body conditioning exercise, this class will enhance your focus, breathing and control while building and strengthening all your core muscles. 60min


Our yoga classes will not only help you stretch and tone your body, it will help you to relax and attain good health and balance through regular yoga practice and mediation to help you clear your mind while reconnecting with your body. 60min

Shape Up

Want to build strength, tone those legs, arms and build your core muscles? Then this stationary, interval strength session will give your body a good balance of a 50% strength and 50% cardio workout. 45min


Classes led by functional health physiotherapists, tailored to your specific needs. Enjoy a free coffee at the 6AM session, or beer/wine at the 6PM session. 45min


Is toning your body your goal? Then strength training is the key. Enjoy this class as you focus on high repetition guaranteed to improve muscle definition, 75% tone with 25% cardio, a great class to tone those muscles. 45min


This focused class will help you tone your thighs and abs and help build that booty! A combination of strength enhancing and muscle toning exercises, join us as we help you burn those calories while targeting those areas we all love so much, our abs, butts and thighs…Don’t be fooled by the name, this class isn’t just for the ladies. 45min


This strength focused class will challenge you, but don’t be shy, this is a slower paced workout that focuses on your technique while using heavier weights to really achieve those strength goals of yours. 45min


This high intensity circuit class utilises a range of equipment including the sprint treadmill, assault bike, SkiErg, rowers and bikes, incorporating the intense battle ropes and a range of floor-based brutal activities to get your heart pumping! 45min

Fat Blaster

A 45 minute sweat session providing a mixture of body weight and plyometric cardio movements that will get your entire body moving. Start your week with an all-over cardio session bound to burn off all those weekend calories. 45min

Box Fit

A cardio workout that’ll make you sweat, so bring a towel as you’ll be working out through a mixture of boxing type combat moves. 45min


Push your fitness to new levels as we take you through a wide variety of cardio exercises that provides a combination of 25% strength and 75% cardio workout. 45min

Box Fit

Combine punching, kicking and full body exercises to increase your fitness and co-ordination, all while burning some serious calories. A great mix of hard and fun!


The name says it all! An exciting mix of strength training incorporating higher reps and fast-paced cardio rounds. This class is bound to fire up your metabolism and will be a worthwhile addition to your weekly fitness regime. An excellent class to kick-off your week. 45min